March 5, 2013

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How Businesses Survive Online?


Earlier, business firms didn’t have many options to market their business. But with the rise of the internet, business opportunities have been increased. People got more opportunities to market their product and services through various business channels. New markets and customers had been developed. Different business options, marketing channels, and business methods were introduced to the online business world from time to time. Because of the various benefits available, most of the business firms developed their online presence. This caused to create a huge online business competition. Due to the strong online competition, keeping a successful online business or surviving with an online business is very tricky. Many businesses fail to survive online because of the lack of confidence and because of some mistakes they make. If you are one such business owner and a person who is struggling to survive an online business, these tips will help you to improve your business and maintain a strong online presence.

  • Build a list to recycle the traffic – Every visitor who comes to your website will not buy from you during their first visits. 95% of the visitors will leave from your site without making any buying decision. Therefore, make sure to build a contact list of visitors by using a method like email subscription. You can convert them to your customers by contacting them repeatedly with your business news and product information.
  • Use some free internet marketing tool – It is not always necessary to spend money to market your business.    There are various free marketing resources available such as article marketing, forum posting and using social networking sites. Use those free resources to promote your business. You can make sales without spending a single dollar.
  • Do search engine optimization – Search engine optimization will help you to target the right keywords and the right market. It is a proven method to attract effective web traffic to your online business.
  • Develop personal relationships – Interacting with your potential customers and building relationships with them is very useful. Therefore, make sure to build your business news. Always offer something that customers want to know about you.
  • Use free classified advertising – This is a great way to expand your online market. You can promote some free offers through the ads and attract new customers to your website.
  • Offer something new – Introducing new products or services will help you keep the attention of potential customers on your business. Therefore, try to introduce new things frequently. It is good if you can introduce them in formats that may not have offered them previously.
  • Use affiliate programs – By giving the opportunity for others to sell your products, you can expand your business and increase sales. You can give them good sales commissions and motivate to sell your products.
  • Do not cut any marketing effort – Marketing is the only function that brings sales. Therefore, do not neglect it. Never cut any budget allocations, marketing functions or anything that affect to your promotional campaigns. Always try to increase your marketing campaign by allocating more money and resources.

It is not possible to survive your online business without following above tips. Online businesses put much effort to keep their businesses online by allocating money, time and other resources on various marketing and promotional activities. Some business firms hire conversion rate experts to improve the business conversion rate. It is considered as the most effective way to survive online.

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