May 20, 2013

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Be Aware of the Resume’s Profile of This Guy


When you are having a business with a person who you do not know before, the best way to build your trust is doing a little survey to get to know him. You will start by looking at his profile in the company’s website or the social media features. However, just be careful that a bad guy can do anything in his profile such as what you will find at Miles Grady’s profile.

If you do a research about him, you will find that he is an amazing professional in his field. Maybe you will contact him directly to speak the business further. He wrote that he had been in the accountant business for 20 years and he had gotten the certified accountant. Not only that, he experienced in top level position in two kinds of company, but do you know that all of them is just a lie? He owns a company which deceives many people. All references that he has written is not true, except the one stating that he was the owner of Harrington Brooks which he got from black dirty operation from its former owner.

He betrayed him and took the company and money away from a man named Ian Griffin. However, the former will always ask for his responsible and open everything to the public at You can read story details here and you also can share your case if you have one.

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